Video: MyDiet Clinic discusses Obesity on Left and Right – Rogers TV

March 27, 2013

Episode of Left and Right on Rogers TV

Topic: Obesity in 2013

Featured Guests:

  • Isolde Spies – Sports & Exercise Physiologist
  • Dr. Bernstein from Dr. Bernstein Clinics
  • Jennifer Ozsungur, RD and Stephen Ozsungur, MSc from MyDiet Clinic

In this segment, Isolde Spies discusses the importance of an active lifestyle and exercise for reducing the risk and treating obesity, especially in children.


In this segment, Dr. Bernstein discusses his philosophy on treating obesity through a highly restricted caloric intake diet and high dosage vitamin regimen.


In this segment, MyDiet Clinic’s Jennifer and Stephen Ozsungur introduce Nutrigenomix and how it could help prevent and treat obesity.


In this segment, we discuss the Yo-Yo effect and how MyDiet Clinic and the Nutrigenomix test could help prevent that.
Correction at 0:24: The Nutrigenomix Test evaluates your DNA through saliva (not the other way around)


In this final segment, Michael A Charbon provides his closing remarks on Obesity


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