Corporate Educational Seminar/Lunch & Learn

Whether it’s a corporate group of 2 or 200, we provide various educational seminars, workshops and lunch & learn sessions based on the topic(s) of your choice.  We engage your group of employees, provide general dietary recommendations, tips, resources and even recipes to take home. We also make sure to allow sufficient time for questions. For more specific information on topic ideas or to incorporate Nutrigenomix Testing as part of your corporate wellness program, contact us.

Topic Ideas:

  • Weight Management
  • Preparation of quick & nutritious lunches that don’t break the bank
  • Great ideas and tips on how to snack properly
  • The ‘buzz’ on caffeine; are you having too much?
  • Vegetarian options with recipes and tips
  • What to choose when dining out
  • How to prepare quick & nutritious dinners after work

Don’t see a topic that you’re looking for? Let us know.

Your Investment:

How To Get Started

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