7News Sydney: Dieting to Fit Your Genes

September 10, 2012

Your DNA determines more than just things like your hair colour and height.

It also holds the secrets to your health, and a new test can check your genes to reveal which foods are best for your body.

Plenty of healthy eating tips are out there, but now there’s a push to make the advice less generic and more genetic.

Dr Ahmed El-Sohemy from Nutrigenomix says it’s no longer about a general one size fits all model, because we know what people have different needs.

Developed in Canada, Nutrigenomix uses a DNA test to tell you if your body responds better or worse to seven different nutrients, including the morning kickstart caffeine.

“I could have up to four coffees a day and not be at increase risk of heart disease but someone else as little as two cups and be at an increased risk,” says nutritionist Flavia Fayet.

Julie Dundon from the Dieticians Association says it helps dieticians customise their advice for things like a higher sensitivity to salt.

“We know precisely how much salt we need to aim for rather than just eat less salt,” Dundon says.

Vitamin C, omega 3, wholegrains and saturated fats are all assessed for the healthiest eating.

Experts say this approach will lower the risk of developing a variety of chronic diseases diabetes heart disease hypertension and others.

It’s early days but the people behind this say those who get tailor-made diet advice seem more motivated to actually follow it.

“People are becoming more and more interested in what makes them as an individual feel better,” Dr Ahmed El-Sohemy says.

The test is likely to cost between $300-$400.

For more information visit the Nutrigenomix website.

Or for more details on where to find a dietician see the Dieticians Association of Australia .

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7News Sydney – Dieting to Fit Your Genes

Original Report: By Paul Kadak, September 6, 2012, 6:00 pm